Advantages of Wood Construction

  • Guaranteed quality of construction
  • Greater speed of construction, a few weeks versus a few months
  • Extremely energy efficient for heating and cooling
  • Any plan can be built, yours or ours
  • Homes are comfortable and healthy to live in, using wood floors reduces causes of allergies as well as illness
  • Durable and long lasting, homes will last for centuries to come
  • Homes are built from sustainable materials, we plant more trees than we cut down every year
  • Any exterior can be used, brick, stone, stucco, pvc, wood siding etc.
  • Reduces resource use in the manufacture of the wood components – less energy and water used to produce the wood materials than concrete or steel
  • Minimizes air and water pollution in the manufacture of wood products compared to concrete and steel
  • Reduces environmental impacts in manufacturing
  • Lower green house gas emissions producing wood than steel or concrete
  • Lower solid waste by-products than steel or concrete
  • Wood can be recycled, reclaimed wood from decommissioned buildings can be used in new buildings

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